Smart analytics for your bike fleet

Our FleetView™ dashboard makes it easy
to monitor and control your fleet


✓ Track bikes in real-time

✓ View user behavior

✓ Discover bike usage trends

✓ Sort data by time period

✓ Add and delete users



Control where users can lock and park their bikes

Create GeoBlock™ zones using FleetView™

Screen Shot 2017-08-16 at 6.43.53 PM.png

Keep your fleet in good shape


LINKA - GO - Help.png


Receive field alerts and
respond quickly

When riders experience mechanical issues
or encounter a damaged bike, they can
send a report through LINKA GO - and
alert you on FleetView



Maintain your fleet at no additional cost

Every FleetView™ Dashboard comes with a free Maintenance & Technician app that lets you:

  • Lock and unlock your bikes as needed
  • Configure Phoneless Access Codes
    for your smart bike locks
  • Complete fast and easy firmware updates
  • Adjust battery and sleep settings