Introducing GeoBlock

The first-ever advanced geofencing technology that
allows you to control where users can park their bikes

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Here's how GeoBlock™ works in your favor


Organized Parking

Keep bike parking systematic
and organized - without need
for a dock


City & Government

Work with local authorities to
determine ideal parking locations
for your bikes


Eliminate Illegal
& Disorganized Parking

Prevent undesignated parking
before they occur - and be part of the solution
to disruptive bike parking


Create unlimited GeoBlock™ zones

Use FleetView to designate as many
bike parking zones as you like

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Full Fleet Traceability

Track every LINKA-mounted bike
in your fleet with ease,
thanks to controlled parking


A Happier Neighborhood

Serve your local community by cutting costs
from dock installations
and restoring order to dockless bike parking