Featuring our award-winning smart bike locks

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Strong and reliable

  • 3-year commercial warranty

  • IP56 weather resistant

  • Operates in extreme temperatures
    (–20°C to 65°C)

Smart and secure

  • Accessible through a phone-free code

  • 110dB tamper siren

  • AES Encrypted security protection

  • 9mm hardened steel square shackle

Extended battery life

  • Up to 16 months on a single charge

  • Customizable battery settings

  • Easily-chargeable with a Micro USB Cable


LINKA is 5x more affordable than docked installations


Mount LINKA onto your fleet


Let riders wirelessly unlock LINKA
and ride with LINKA GO


Track every bike in your fleet with FleetView


LINKA offers solutions to problems
in bike sharing today

Docked bike sharing can be:

  • Expensive, amounting to up to $6,000 per bike
  • Labor-intensive, constantly requiring bike relocation due to uneven distribution at docks
  • Time-consuming to install

Dockless bike sharing can be:

  • Disorganized, with bikes parked in random (and sometimes illegal) areas
  • Inconvenient to operators, with riders locking up in remote locations and requiring constant retrieval
  • Prone to bike theft due to cheaply produced locks and easy bike accessibility after use

Choose the lock that fits your needs

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Original LINKA


Bluetooth-powered keyless access
Unlimited users
GPS Tracking
Accurate to 3m
Remotely controlled through GSM
Works with LINKA GO app
Micro USB
LOOP Plug-in Collection
Battery life
9-12 months
14-18 months
Now shipping
Spring 2018

Award-winning technology you can trust


2017 TAIPEI CYCLE Awards - Gold

"Successfully introduces new security features and added convenience to bicycle protection."


2017 EUROBIKE Startup Award

"LINKA has developed an intelligent lock with an exceptionally high quality finish and design"


2017 EUROBIKE Gold Award

"The smartphone connection eliminates the need for a key and is ideally suited for bike sharing schemes."


Control where riders can lock
and park your bikes

Create designated parking zones with advanced geofencing technology developed exclusively for LINKA

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Let riders unlock your bike in
seconds with LINKA GO

A fully customizable bike sharing app that
comes with our smart bike locks