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Developer ready

A powerful plug and play SDK with flexible tools built to scale with your fleet.

Your complete toolkit

Integrate our SDK with your existing merchant or consumer app with LINKA Fleet’s scalable and flexible integration. With quick access code snippets and rapid development cycles - you’ll be fleet-ready in a flash.
Quick access code snippets
Multiple API calls
Rapid development cycle with simple libraries
Device vitals webhooks
- Remote settings
- Firmware over the air
- Remote control locking/unlocking
Access to a reference application to guide on how to integrate the SDK

Fleet Operator app

Locate, track and maintain your fleet on-the-fly

Track, review and troubleshoot maintenance issues from anywhere with the LINKA Operator App.

Control access to your devices and communicate efficiently

Manage your fleet and pair up new fleet devices to increase efficiency and streamline communication.

Remote commands to secure your fleet

Remotely lock, unlock and trigger alarms from anywhere in the world.

Always improving

We believe in the ‘Kaizen’ approach. Our devices and tools are built to continuously improve and scale with you. Our engineering team are constantly iterating to provide the best technologies to help your business excel.

World-class security

We secure 35,000+ vehicles across 65 countries globally. Based in California, LINKA has transformed the power of sustainable fleet-sharing for over 100+ established companies across North America, Europe and Asia.

Ready to launch?

Step 1 Purchase test kit
Step 2 Sign NDA
Step 3 Access toolkits + SDK
Step 4 Launch + grow fleet
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