What if starting a bike fleet were super simple?

Introducing LINKA Fleet Solutions

The complete plug-and-play dockless bike sharing system featuring:



It starts with a powerful smart bike lock

Connect every bike in your fleet with LINKA


✓  Bluetooth powered

✓  GPS/GSM enabled*

✓  Mounts on any bike

✓  5x more affordable than bike docks


Get your own bike sharing app

Operate your fleet with the customizable LINKA GO



✓  Optimized to function with LINKA locks

✓  Customize your LINKA GO app look and feel

✓  Easily locate a bike & get going in under 10 seconds


Manage it all with a feature-packed dashboard

Track your entire fleet in real-time with FleetView


What makes a LINKA
fleet different?

The organization of docked. The efficiency of dockless. Plus, advanced geofencing technology, GeoBlock

Screen Shot 2017-08-16 at 6.43.53 PM.png